martes, 19 de febrero de 2008

Retrieve a Remote File - by Email

I found this interesting article in Murphy Mac's blog. It will give you an Idea of how to retrieve remotely a file from home and view it on an iPhone, iTouch or even an laptop.

Here’s the scenario: You’re on the bus, you realize your French homework is sitting at home on your Mac. Send yourself a text message with the path to the file. By the time you get to school and log on to a computer your file has been emailed. Problem solved.
Configure Murphy’s script to run every so often using something like launchd. Then send yourself an email. Include the path to the file you want sent in the body, like this:
Mail will create a new message, attach the file, and send it to the address in the script. You can configure the script to run when a certain word is in the email subject, like FileGrab. This is an ideal use for rules in But rules don’t seem to work in Mail as of 10.5.1. Murphy hasn’t tried 10.5.2 yet.
Instead of using rules, this script is written to run periodically. Maybe every ten minutes or so. If it sees an email with the keyword in the subject it checks for the file and sends it. If the file doesn’t exist the script sends an email that says so.
Security hole? Well, Murphy doesn’t think so. The file will only be mailed to the address you specify in the script, it’s not a reply. (you could alter the script to have it reply, but that doesn’t seem like a good idea.) You can use secure email to send the request and the file. That’s secure.
Getting back to the mobile devices: Your unhacked iPhone and touch don’t let you download files. So you can’t SSH back to the house and grab the file. You could set up your Mac as a web server, but I wouldn’t want to do that.
Using this script the file is emailed to you, so you can view it in Mobile Mail or Gmail depending on what kind of file it is. You can easily view the file later, when you’re offline. The catch? You need to know the path to the file you’re retrieving.
Windows Users: Have a look here.
Note: Script requires use of To schedule this script to run on a schedule you might want to try something like lingon for editing your launchd configuration.
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jueves, 14 de febrero de 2008

Wondering what the new is? Try Zoosk

Are you looking for a date? How is he or she supposed to look like? Oh.. you don’t know? Then, we’ll figure something out as long as he or she is in our online database. That is what the developers of Zoosk thought about when trying to create a Facebook application that is now one of the best online dating applications I’ve ever tried.
Having a account is all you need to get into this simple and extremely effective application. After that, all you have to do is click a couple of times and see whether it’s with the “wink wink”, built-in phrases or personal messages (those that you can type) that you choose. With the answer comes the 90% possibility of having found your next date in what could happen to be a couple of minutes after your first message.
Anyway, even if this is funny and what everyone was waiting for it isn’t. Zoosk really shows what the impact on social “networks” that the internet has already is all about. There’s no need to meet your friends and go out to get some chicks or maybe get a friend’s girlfriend to introduce you to her best friend because you are the man she would like her friend to have. Things have changed. The noise of your fingers punching your keyboard and music you are listening to is all you hear. Human voices aren’t there.
Even though there is some of this activity, there isn’t much. I would like to thing that the next generations are the ones who will be affected by this (typical of someone who just wishes for less problems to be solved during his “solving period”). But, this is not what we’ve been seeing lately. The internet has shown an enormous impact around us and it sure will increase. Look around you. Where’s your laptop? Oh, and your iTouch?
Reality shows that if you have to prepare something for work or studying it is much easier with the help of the computer. Well, this easiness is starting to show up in dating techniques. You don’t have to go anywhere special to meet her which helps you doing other things (like playing a guitar, listening to music) while getting to know her. It’s obvious that you the relationship comes into a point where you have to meet the other person but that is a different problem. What we are concerned with is getting to know people and that certainly is about to change.
The value of companies such as Apple, Microsoft, Intel, Sony and other high-tech companies went up in the last 20 years in a way they hadn’t in the whole history of human kind. You’re right, there wasn’t much before but that’s were we are getting. If we study this we see that life changed a lot since this started to appear. An example could be that we are now used to communicate via e-mail which is much faster than letters or to get information online other than using printed encyclopedias.
So, how will the next generations get to know each other? That I certainly can’t guarantee but we can see that there is a tendency to get to know among people that relies on machines. Machines aren’t bad but aren’t the best. Everything that is said means something to you as a person and has its consequences if you are in front of a girl or a group. Will this change? I don’t know but what you get to say in a club like “I’m going out to make out. Care to join me?” is a built-in message for Zoosk.
This takes us to understand that people tend to act differently if there are no risks like what will people think of me involved. This is done by having usernames and never getting to know the person directly. The only way you can get to know him or her directly is by them telling you (after they thought you are the appropriate type) their e-mail or facebook nickname.
Real Cons of Zoosk:
Before writing this article I started a google search in order not to write about something that wouldn’t be already developed. There wasn’t much about “” but I could lay my hands on some very interesting webpage
Inside this webpage a woman asks for the opinion of the people in the forum so as to get an answer for “What would you do if you found your husband added the 'zoosk'application on Facebook?” There are different answers and opinions about what she should do, of course. The point is: where is zoosk taking us? Is it an application that should be used to get to know people when you are single? As long as I know, you could register yourself as a married person and start using the program. What is the objective of this program?
There are strong moral issues behind this. It is not right for a man about to have a baby (as the forum discussion shows) to get a Zoosk account. It really makes cheating easier than it was before where you had to be outside of your place or in physical contact to meet a woman.
Is this going to develop into an Aldous Huxley’s “Brave new world”?